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A beautiful day in a beautiful town

Friday was a rough day for me. The stress of finding a job after my internship and finishing my latest project before I graduate were really wearing me down. When I woke up, I wasn’t feeling much better than the night before.
But then I looked out my living room window.
The sun was shining brightly on the red brick streets of Athens, warming my chilled skin through the window. Instantly, a smile spread across my face and my mood improved.
Not only was this incredible running weather, but it also happened to be Saturday — Athens Farmers Market day. I was so pumped.
Quickly, I threw on my running clothes and stretched my tired legs. Headphones in, I took off down the sidewalk toward East State Street, weaving through the crowds of Sibs Weekend. Even though it was only 9 a.m., people were already out enjoying the terrific, unseasonable weather.
Three miles later, I arrive at the farmers market, bustling with eager students and their sibs. The smells of freshly brewed coffee and baked goods slammed my senses. I wandered through the booths of fresh vegetables, bread and sweets, picking up a sample or two along the way. Finally, I reached my favorite stand — Crumbs Bakery. There are few things more delicious than a cookie from Crumbs. Soft and gooey, the cookies are the size of your face, but worth every calorie. I’m not entirely sure where Crumbs is located, but I know there’s no way I can walk there from my humble abode uptown, so Saturdays are my only days to enjoy this delectable treat.
I waited in line impatiently, eyeing the chocolate chip peanut butter cookies (in my opinion, their best). After what seemed like ages, I wrapped my hands around the still warm cookie and sunk my teeth into it.
I realized that in about 13 weeks, I will never be able to enjoy this cookie again and enjoyed it even more.
The sun beat down on my winter pale skin as I ran home (probably a little slower than I came after that cookie) and all I could think about was enjoying the gorgeous winter day at another one my Athens’ favorite — Jackie O’s.
As I ran up the stairs of my apartment, I texted one of my best friends: “Jackie O’s patio — 5 minutes.”
She responded with a smiley face and was outside my apartment door in no time. We walked across the street to my favorite Athens bar, grabbed a chocolate stout and a raspberry ale and basked in the sunshine on the patio.
This was the life. We talked about school, The Post, our summer plans — just about everything. It was an incredible day.
The unseasonable weather made me excited for spring in Athens. I can think of very few things that are better than a spring in Athens, Ohio. And I can’t believe I ever wanted to miss out on my last one.
But I’m sure glad I decided to stay.


About Alex Stuckey

I am an EW Scripps School of Journalism student at Ohio University. I am the Assistant Managing Editor for The Post in Athens, Ohio and I LOVE my job. I played soccer for 15 years. I love to work out, travel and read.


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