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Now you’re just somebody that I used to know

I’m not the nostalgic type. Sure, I enjoy reminiscing about times gone by with my friends and family on occasion, but in general that’s not how I roll.
When I’m done with something, I’m pretty much done with something and I’ve always been that way. When I quit soccer, I mourned that 15 year period of my life, but never looked back. I haven’t touched a soccer ball since — partly because it made me sad that I was no longer playing but also partly because I had moved from that chapter of life onto a new one. I did it with high school too.
So I guarantee you that is what’s going to happen with college — particularly because I am so excited about my career in journalism. I will leave my beloved college town and never look back. It will become “just somebody I used to know.”
So it’s really important that I enjoy the little things about Athens now, because I know that the time when I ditch Athens is just over the horizon.
So yesterday, my best friend and I went to Casa Nueva.
This is one of the gems of the locavore scene in Athens. There are so many delicious restaurants in Athens that make it a unique eating scene, but nothing quite like Casa.
The atmosphere is hip and exciting. It goes from a hippie-esque restaurant during the day to an incredible almost-club at night. There are always great bands there and the food is absolutely incredible.
I have been to a lot of cities across the country (and outside of the country) in my life and I haven’t been able to find a restaurant to top Casa. Everything is just so fresh and homemade, there are few places more delicious.
There are definitely things about Athens I won’t miss — but my heart (and stomach) will always yearn for Casa.


About Alex Stuckey

I am an EW Scripps School of Journalism student at Ohio University. I am the Assistant Managing Editor for The Post in Athens, Ohio and I LOVE my job. I played soccer for 15 years. I love to work out, travel and read.


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