Columbus, Ohio (84)

During summer 2011, I interned at The Columbus Dispatch where I work on the Metro/State Desk. In September of 2011, the asked that I stay as a fellow for the E.W. Scripps Statehouse News Bureau. I was a fellow in this program until December 2011.

Statehouse News Bureau Program (33)

  1. 11/27/11: Domestic Silence: Some courts reluctant to help abused gays
  2. 11/27/11: Domestic Silence: Lacking Shelter? (Insight centerpiece)
  3. 11/27/11: Domestic Silence: Abuse continues (A1 centerpiece)
  4. 11/19/11: Trustees OK pair of OU projects
  5. 11/17/11: Adopted from foster care, children finally find a home for good (A1 centerpiece)
  6. 11/08/11: Issue 2 expected to drive voter turnout today
  7. 11/08/11: Website offers forum to those with a cause
  8. 11/03/11: New shelters give protection to pedalers
  9. 10/27/11: Animal cruelty may hint of domestic violence ahead
  10. 10/24/11: Counties to lose as federal timber funds end (Metro section front page)
  11. 10/20/11: Woman sues after her prison release
  12. 10/17/11: Public jobs come with perks not found in private world (contributor)
  13. 10/16/11: Violence among girls spurs more to seek help (A1 — Sunday edition)
  14. 10/15/11: East Side teen faces 22 counts in six attacks
  15. 10/09/11: Foes of SB5 outspend supporters on TV ads (A1 — contributor)
  16. 10/08/11: Homeless-housing project a promo for jobs act
  17. 10/08/11: Private groups back supporters of SB5 (A1) 
  18. 10/06/11: The Daily Briefing: For excellent fall foilage, head North
  19. 10/06/11: Woman combat abuse ‘epidemic’ (Metro Section front page)
  20. 10/06/11: Deficits put Akron in ‘fiscal caution’
  21. 10/01/11: State board OKs changes to two Senate districts
  22. 10/01/11: Loaded with confusion (A1 Centerpiece — Saturday edition)
  23. 09/30/11: Guns in bars OK as of today (A1)
  24. 09/29/11: Early voting expected to begin Tuesday (A1 — contributor)
  25. 09/29/11: Redistricting Revamp? (Metro section front page — contributor)
  26. 09/28/11: Bill seeks protection for gays 
  27. 09/27/11: ‘Heartbeat bill’ divides Ohio anti-abortion leaders (A1)
  28. 09/23/11: State urged to ok texting-driver ban  (Metro section front page)
  29. 09/21/11: ‘Heartbeat bill’ backers push for Senate approval 
  30. 09/19/11: Governor’s race do over: Would you vote the same way? (A1)
  31. 09/14/11: Obama presses Congress to act on jobs now (A1 Centerpiece — contributor)
  32. 09/14/11: Obama woos young voters with plan
  33. 09/11/11: September 11~ 10 Years Later: Cautiously optimistic (A1 Centerpiece)
  34. 09/08/11: Hunger in Ohio rises to 6th-worst in the U.S. (A1 Centerpiece)

Metro/State Desk Internship (50)

  1. 09/11/11: ‘Day of Service’ event to honor victims (Sept. 11 Special Section)
  2. 09/02/11: ‘Then I saw my hand lying on the ground’: Grandmother’s bad luck with miter saw changed to good fortune at Riverside Methodist (A1 centerpiece)
  3. 09/01/11: Clintonville bus turnaround dealt setback
  4. 09/01/11: Stinky slinker not welcome (Metro section front page)
  5. 08/27/11: Starlet, bodyguard sentenced in pot bust
  6. 08/27/11: Man to plead guilty for lying for fugitive wife
  7. 08/26/11: Man sentenced for assaulting boy in Hilltop Library
  8. 08/24/11: Tentacles of quake shake Ohioians (A1 centerpiece-contributor)
  9. 08/22/11: Children bid farewell to Columbus pools as the opening day of school draws near (Metro section centerpiece)
  10. 08/20/11: Area hospitals learn to deal with drug shortages (A1-Saturday edition)
  11. 08/19/11: Community gardens plagued by thefts  (Metro section centerpiece)
  12. 08/16/11: Abusive relationships put teen girls in tough position (A1 Centerpiece)
  13. 08/14/11: CDC: Hospitals fall short on breastfeeding (A1-Sunday edition)
  14. 08/08/11: Champs bring in ‘cha-ching’ at Ohio State Fair (Metro section centerpiece)
  15. 08/05/11: Local bank-robbery suspects caught in South Carolina
  16. 08/04/11: Teen drivers take crash course
  17. 08/02/11: Police kill man in Weinland Park; they say he shot first
  18. 07/30/11: Challenge fit for a kid (Metro section centerpiece)
  19. 07/28/11: Families gather to discuss Cri du Chat disorder
  20. 07/27/11: Butter shuttle a new state fair feat
  21. 07/26/11: The Watch: Right-turn-only sign Downtown serves purpose
  22. 07/23/11: Had enough of the heat? Too bad, its not over yet
  23. 07/22/11: No relief from the heat
  24. 07/21/11: Think yesterday was hot? (A1 centerpiece)
  25. 07/20/11: Fire academy, college joining forces
  26. 07/20/11: Eight vehicle break-ins off Rt. 257 might be connected
  27. 07/19/11: The Watch: Paint job no closer for rusty rail overpass (Metro section front page)
  28. 07/18/11: Heat index approaches 105 degrees
  29. 07/17/11: Parks get veterans on the move
  30. 07/16/11: Fair brings out fun for all, and more for some (Metro section front page)
  31. 07/16/11: Band bids farewell to cafe (Arts&Life section front page)
  32. 07/14/11: Woman stabbed before car crash
  33. 07/11/11: City golf courses vary in finances (Metro section front page)
  34. 07/10/11: Ohio State Football: At least some fans are still psyched (Metro section front page)
  35. 07/09/11: Fired-Up Grille Masters (Metro section centerpiece)
  36. 06/29/11: Pediatricians: Get junk-food ads off tv (A1) 
  37. 06/28/11: Motorcyclist dies in Rt 104 crash
  38. 06/28/11: Woman charged in breast-milk assault
  39. 06/27/11: Feather fans flock to Columbus avian affair
  40. 06/25/11: Special Olympics: Powerlifter has high hopes (Metro section front page) 
  41. 06/25/11: Older Marion mall is sold for just over $1 million 
  42. 06/24/11: Ohio asks boaters to stay dry
  43. 06/23/11: Community helps two women with disabilities move into place of their own (Metro section centerpiece)
  44. 06/21/11: Get ready to get wet (A1 centerpiece)
  45. 06/20/11: Jerome Township tinkers with zoning
  46. 06/18/11: After show, exhibitors can keep their livestock (Metro section front page)
  47. 06/17/11: Solar firm may create 1,100 jobs (A1 — contributor)
  48. 06/16/11: Newark union approves cost-cutting contract
  49. 06/15/11: Newark employees approve new contract 
  50. 06/14/11: Newark workers voting on new contract


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