I began my Pulliam Fellowship at The Arizona Republic in June 2012.

  1. 8/12/12: Maricopa County Elections chief talks voting process (Politics page centerpiece)
  2. 8/9/12: Game and Fish commissioner cited for hunting violation
  3. 8/8/12: Loughner’s guilty plea brings relief for some
  4. 8/8/12: Loughner plea brings victims closure, but hearts still wounded
  5. 8/7/12: Arizona early ballots are en route to voters
  6. 8/3/12: Most Web tobacco sales banned in Arizona
  7. 8/2/12: No raises for Arizona elected officials
  8. 8/1/12: Arizona booster-seat law aims to reduce child deaths (Valley & State centerpiece)
  9. 7/29/12: Arizona parolees to pay drug test fees (Valley & State front)
  10. 7/25/12: Kids’ well-being ranks 46th: State slides 9 spots on group’s list for education, health, economics (Valley & State centerpiece)
  11. 7/14/12: Arizona veterans fund extended after audit
  12. 7/13/12: Park’s big bet: New law lets track cut required number of greyhound races (Valley & State centerpiece)
  13. 7/10/12: More Arizona voters going independent
  14. 7/8/12: Clean Elections candidates must attend public debates (Politics page)
  15. 7/5/12: Arizona lawmakers won’t get a raise
  16. 7/3/12: Arizona officials urge caution with fireworks (Valley & State centerpiece)
  17. 7/1/12: Arizona mining inspector talks about his job, safety (Politics page centerpiece)
  18. 6/26/12: Arizona immigration law supporters, opponents react to ruling
  19. 6/25/12: Arizona employee-suggestion program to restart (Valley & State front)
  20. 6/21/12: Foes of SB 1070 await ruling outside state Capitol
  21. 6/20/12: Computers to help limit sale of meth ingredients (A1)
  22. 6/19/12: 23 Latino media outlets plan SB 1070 program
  23. 6/17/12: Frank Lloyd Wright’s design for Arizona Capitol on display (Politics page centerpiece)
  24. 6/16/12: Undocumented immigrants greet policy with cheers, tears (A section)
  25. 6/10/12: Rally vs. contraception coverage in Phoenix (Politics page centerpiece)
  26. 6/8/12: Navy radioman celebrated at Battle of Midway 70th commemoration (Valley & State centerpiece)


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