Dayton, Ohio (41)

I began interning at The Dayton Daily News Summer 2010, primarily writing for the Neighborhood Section, which comes out once a week on Thursday. I returned to intern with the paper from Novemeber to December 2010, where I wrote primarily for the Metro Section.

Summer 2011 (1)

  1. 08/15/11: Support for breastfeeding grows

Winter Intercession 2010 (23)

  1. 01/06/11: Aerospace engineering helps prepare students for college
  2. 12/31/10: How to actually keep those New Year’s resolutions this year (LIFE centerpiece)
  3. 12/31/10: Cities hike fees instead of taxes (A1 Front page)
  4. 12/31/10: Some cities to increase fees to cover shortages, projects
  5. 12/30/10: $100K grant to benefit engineering initiative
  6. 12/30/10: Muse Machine to take audiences ‘Into the Woods’ with production
  7. 12/30/10: 6 awards given at chamber breakfast
  8. 12/30/10: Some charitable groups seeing an increase in donations this year
  9. 12/30/10: Economy still a factor in other charity donations
  10. 12/30/10: Ohio granted $12.3 million for kids (A1 Front page)
  11. 12/30/10: Ohio qualifies for bonus payment for first time
  12. 12/27/10: Cities turn Christmas trees into mulch
  13. 12/26/10: Boy, 9, born 13 weeks earlycampaigns for premature babies (LIFE section centerpiece)
  14. 12/24/10: Alert homeowner foils potential burglary
  15. 12/23/10: Cottage-style furniture offered at new business
  16. 12/22/10: Dayton ranked 37 on hunger report
  17. 12/21/10: Postal, package carriers deal with busiest day of year
  18. 12/16/10: Dog’s sad saga ends with a new beginning in Arizona sanctuary
  19. 12/10/11: Gifted child uses talents globally (LIFE section centerpiece) 
  20. 12/9/10: Court rules woman doesn’t have to reimburse city for demolition
  21. 12/1/10: New Beavercreek grocery to open Thursday
  22. 11/30/10: Supporters, Patriot Guard line route for Spc. Snow’s funeral
  23. 11/29/10: Police need public’s help to nab two suspects in Fairborn robbery

Summer 2010 (17)

  1. 8/19/10: Tim Hortons awards scholarship
  2. 8/14/10: Grant to help stray cat problems in Huber Heights, Vandalia
  3. 8/12/10: Building Bridges mainstay changed lives of troubled kids
  4. 8/11/10: Church to raise money to help boy in minibike crash
  5. 8/5/10: Churches pick up the tab on free lunch
  6. 8/5/10: Bella Vino is a ‘fun bar’ with 1,000s of wines
  7. 8/5/10: Miami Valley artists show wares in festival
  8. 8/5/10: Ohio Outstanding Male Athlete Award
  9. 7/25/10: Nearly 5 percent of Ohioians pay extra for vanity license plates
  10. 7/22/10: Couple wed one year after motorcycle crash
  11. 7/15/10: ODOT driver flips van, disrupts traffic
  12. 7/2/10: Local people competing for show on Oprah network
  13. 7/1/10: Free summer lunch program helps to feed the children
  14. 7/1/10: Eager prep Spanish students visit Mexico to take in the culture
  15. 7/1/10: Slain woman’s family to create Miami Valley endowment fund
  16. 7/1/10: Volunteers join forces for vet battling ALS, family
  17. 7/1/10: Family is grateful for kindness of neighbors


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